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Janet Kar By Janet Kar • February 26, 2019

Link3D’s Additive MES Series Part 5: Performance Analysis

Gain visibility across your entire additive manufacturing operation with KPIs, real-time data analytics across individual sites or on a corporate level. Today we will share how Performance Analysis within Manufacturing Execution Systems relates to industrial 3D printing production.



Across full stream manufacturing processes, data points are tracked, logged and generated. MES performance analysis should draw the correct data points to keep track of metrics that inform operators, facility managers and executives make the best decision to increase your company’s success rates and bottomline.

After surveying over 243 OEMs, we’ve found that many are trying to accomplish ROI for a variety of things: ROI per machine, per material, scrap, rework, overall equipment effectiveness, ROI on additive manufacturing operations as a whole.


Some key metrics that can help you better understand your operations include:

  • Build, Post-processing and finishing times
  • Material utilization
  • Machine utilization
  • Printer performance
  • Unique geometries per business unit
  • Yield management of printed and processed parts


Link3D’s MES solution can be used to build a performance analysis system that helps your business track and trace the orders that power these metrics from order fulfillment, scheduled activities, any data logged, tracked and generated, throughout the entire production lifecycle.


Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 10.00.48 AM


1. Operations & Detailed Sequencing

2. Resource Allocation & Status

3. Dispatching Production Unit

4. Performance Analysis

5. Maintenance Management

6. Process Management 

7. Quality Management 

8. Data Collection & Acquisition

9. Product Tracking & Genealogy

10. Labor Management 

11. Document Management


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