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Janet Kar By Janet Kar • February 12, 2019

Link3D’s Additive MES Series Part 3: Resource Allocation and Status

Another thing to look for in any manufacturing execution system is its ability for resource allocation and status management. We will share how this relates to Additive Manufacturing.




Whether your industrial 3D printing facility has 2 or tens of hundreds of engineers that are part of the production team of your shop floor, each person will have their role for accomplishing their tasks.


Here’s a quick checklist to see if your MES solution truly helps to allocate them:

  1. Can you define your equipment with unique equipment IDs in order to track and trace equipment usage?
  2. Can you define a user’s role and define their system access to make sure they are only working on what is relevant to their job?
  3. Can you track parts from beginning-to-end, including bill of materials, drawings and machine/material parameter settings?
  4. Are there work instructions connected to the traveler that is accessible to the operator?


With any MES solution, it is vital that organizations are able to keep track of every resource that is being utilized within their factory. This ensures team members are accountable for their actions and root-cause analysis can be conducted if part failure occurs.


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Reach out to learn more on how this applies to Link3D MES and follow Link3D to access more upcoming videos and blogs.

1. Operations & Detailed Sequencing

2. Resource Allocation & Status

3. Dispatching Production Unit

4. Performance Analysis

5. Maintenance Management

6. Process Management 

7. Quality Management 

8. Data Collection & Acquisition

9. Product Tracking & Genealogy

10. Labor Management 

11. Document Management


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