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Janet Kar By Janet Kar • February 8, 2019

Link3D’s Additive MES Series Part 2: Operations and Detailed Sequencing

The first thing to look for in any Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is its ability to define operations and detailed sequencing. We will share how this relates to Additive Manufacturing.




Once parts are 3D printed, life after production will vary from part-to-part, especially for industrial 3D printing.




Post-Processing and Finishing Steps to improve quality and ensure the part meets design specifications may include:

Sanding to smooth out a rough material

Bead Blasting to get a smooth matte surface

Shot Peening to increase strength and durability

Heat Treatments to strengthen the part by reducing tensile pressure

Tumbling to polish delicate parts

Vapor Smoothing and Solvent Dipping to even out surface with a shiny finish

Epoxy Coating to create an airtight seal around the part and increase resistance to high temperatures and various chemicals

As for Quality inspection, this may include visual inspections with the bare eye, or CT Scanning to ensure the overall quality is within tolerances.An MES solution for Additive Manufacturing must be flexible enough for an application engineer, lab technician or facility rep to sequence each step required for each part in an order from 3D printing production, post-processing and finishing, all the way through quality inspection.


An added bonus would be an MES solution that includes a built-in yield management system with quality assurance checks at each stage to ensure the proper requirements are met and accounted for, in order to help route orders that must be reproduced.


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1. Operations & Detailed Sequencing

2. Resource Allocation & Status

3. Dispatching Production Unit

4. Performance Analysis

5. Maintenance Management

6. Process Management 

7. Quality Management 

8. Data Collection & Acquisition

9. Product Tracking & Genealogy

10. Labor Management 

11. Document Management


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